domenica 13 maggio 2012

More cards and various things too !

Hello everybody!
I post in English today, as I feel so ;)

Perhaps cause I have just come back from London and Windsor??
I had a great 3 day stay with friends, kids and the UK-ness. Which I love.

Here some cards made these days. Have a look please ;)

This is a box I bought at Papaerchase (I really love this shop) and gave it to my University friend Valeria, who hosted me at her place in Windsor. I made the red card you can see below, where I put our picture together.

This is a small Thank you Tag, still for her and her boyfriend Mark.

  This is the internal part with the picture..she liked it :)

 This is by the way a Boy Birthday card I made for a collegue/friend who celebrated his bday and the new car...and also some new activities related to his job. Finally I am happy of the result, since male cards are always abit more difficult for me.

That's it for now !!

I will post soon the card I made for my mum.

Ciao ! tita

3 commenti:

  1. tutto bello! ...l'importante è che non ti venga in mente di scrivere il prossimo post in varesotto, perché il traduttore di google non sarebbe in grado di aiutarmi!!! Baci

  2. Complimenti! Il tuo blog è carinissimo. Mi unisco alle tue seguaci. Ciao, buona giornata

  3. ciao claudia !! E che strazio viene fuori con Google translator hihihihih :)
    Ciao Robi, grazie per essere mia follow.
    Abbraccio, tita